Garmin Dog Tracking System

If you’re looking for a better way to keep track of your dog, there is nothing better than Garmin dog tracking system.  The leading name in electronic navigation technology, the Garmin dog tracking system is perfect no matter if you need to keep an eye on your little escape artist or are using your dogs for hunting or rescue missions.  No matter the situations, circumstances or direness, there’s no need to worry: there is a Garmin dog tracking system that is perfect for you.

Garmin specializes in user-friendly products that utilize the most cutting edge technology to bring you durable, reliable positioning and navigation.  In a world that is continually shrinking, if you’re not connected to the technological advancements being made every day, you could get left behind.

The Different Types of Garmin Dog Tracking Collars

There are three types of dog tracking collars made by Garmin, each utilizing GPS (Global Positioning System) to help you keep track of your dog’s exact location and movement.  The three models are the GTU 10, the Astro and the Alpha dog tracking systems.

The GTU 10 Garmin Dog Tracking System

Garmin’s most basic dog tracking system, the GTU 10 locator provides a web-based GPS tracking service that allows you to watch your dog from Garmin’s secure website using any computer or with the free Garmin Tracker app for smart phones.  Small, lightweight and waterproof, the GTU 10 attaches to your dog’s collar so you can view his or her location on a map from wherever you are.

You can also create up to 10 Geofences (virtual boundaries) for your dog so that when he or she enters or exits a Geofence wearing the GTU 10, you receive an email or text message.  Alternatively, you can receive location reports every 15 seconds for up to 5 hours on your dog’s whereabouts as well as reports if they are traveling over a certain speed, or view your dog’s complete daily traveling history.

The Astro Garmin Dog Tracking System

A large step up from the GTU 10, the Astro Garmin dog tracking system is perfect for sporting dogs since it can give you updates on their location as often as every 5 seconds.  Your dog(s) wears a DC 40 transmitter which relays his or her position to your handheld receiver where you can view its current location and a trail of where it has been on your map.  You can also switch over to the Dog Tracker page to view a compass pointing to your dog’s current location as well as its current status; this means you can immediately find out whether your dog is running, sitting, on point or treeing quarry.  The Astro also can sound an alarm to let you know instantly when your dog goes on point making it ideal for hunters.

Astro has a high-sensitivity GPS receiver that tracks your dog’s position in even the densest settings.  Able to track up to ten dogs at a time, the Astro transmits signals from your dogs from up to 9 miles away (depending on terrain; the line-of-sight transmission works farthest in flat, open terrain).  View your dogs individually or all together on a map, giving you real time access to their exact locations.

The Alpha Garmin Dog Tracking System

The Alpha dog tracking collars combine Garmin’s top quality GPS dog tracking technology with Tri-Tronics electronic dog training to provide the ultimate in responsiveness and performance.  Perfect for those who are serious about their activities, the Alpha is made for rescue teams and professional hunters.  The Alpha is an integrated handheld system which allows you to not only track, but train your dogs in the field, giving you their exact position as often as every 2.5 seconds.

You can track up to 20 dogs at once or 20 other hunters, giving you their exact position from as far as nine miles away on a large, glove-friendly touchscreen display.  But even better, the Alpha comes preloaded 100,000 U.S. TOPO maps so you’ll never be lost no matter where you are.

Training your dog with the Alpha dog training system allows you to recall your dog, control their movements or have them stop chasing unwanted game.  You can communicate with each dog separately, using 18 levels of momentary and 18 levels of continuous stimulation or an audible tone command.  For safety, a lockout setting is available to avoid accidental stimulation or tone.

Using your computer, you can turn your laptop into a field control center with BaseStation, which lets you track up to 20 Alpha units or TT 10 collars.  You get real-time GPS information on the larger display of your computer, making it ideal for canine search and rescue teams, especially since it works on GPS systems meaning even if you have no cell phone or Internet, your tracking system will still work.

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